High feat. John Lass

by Rachel Marie

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Rachel Marie, a 22 year old singer/songwriter from the DC area has released a new track by the name of "High" featuring John Lass. The old school, 90s neo-soul vibe of the track compliments Rachel's smooth vocals in a way that will relax your soul. The song makes parallels between the feelings of first love and feelings of being on a drug. As they say, love is indeed a drug that takes you high! Take a moment to listen to the song below; you will not be disappointed.

Track: Climax - Slum Village

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(Verse 1)
Started not too long ago
Seen people feeling you on the low
I tried a few other things before
I needed something little bit stronger though

'Cause I was working on a song or two
Heard inspiration comes along with you
I wasn't tryna fall in love with you
But the feelings I wanted were long overdue

My homie told me I should holla
I hesitated, I ain't know enough about ya, but
He persisted and he vouched, 'cause
He had a strong feeling we would have it out

So I walked over, spoke my name
Got reeled in to play the game
You took my breath, hit my brain
And ever since then I ain't been the same

'Cause you get me high, you you get me high (x2)

(Verse 2)
You threw me off just a little bit
Couldn't think straight when I got a hit of it
Your love to me up in a lift
Took me so high I told them other dudes to quit

I told them other dudes that's it
Told them other fellas that you won the bid
It wasn't just the fun with it
The passion and desire in my soul got lit

It was so easy to get me hooked on you
It's like you complete me, make my world anew, world anew

(John Lass)
I met her it the reggae club
A week later she in love, I hit caught a buzz
I'm like what the fuck

I think she a drug, yeah that's what it was
I had my lips all on it, (uhuh) I'm at the butt
And then I put em on her baby take off that fur

Shawty got a body like brrr
She had me on froze down thurr
Getting cloudy in hurr

She took a whole L to the face
And then she put on my last tape number 14

She high off me okay
We laid back and blew both J's, baby

Smokes in the air I spent the whole band
I said I can light it better than your old man
New blueprint baby fuck your old plan
Just get back to the blow like Lohan

You get me high, you you get me high
You get me high, you you get me high
You give me life, you you give me life
You give me life, you you give me life

(Post Hook)
Love me down, down down down
Blow it down, down down down
Got me loud, loud loud loud
Love me down, down down down

Yeah, just love me
It's funny how you were the first one to show me
Now you're the only one I want
This is for you


released May 18, 2013




Rachel Marie Washington, D.C.

25 year old Rachel Marie Moore, also known as "lilmaria" or "LM", has been singing and writing almost all her life. She was born and raised in Maryland and parts of Washington DC. Rachel started out singing with her family often at church and in performing arts grade schools. She is a graduate of Jacksonville University with a degree in Music Business. ... more

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